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What is Endosphéres Therapy? 


Endosphéres Therapy—also known as Endosphére Therapy Compressive Microvibration— is a brand new treatment that uses low-frequency vibrations (between 39 and 355 Hz or) to generate a pulsed, rhythmic movement from the top of the skin to deep in the muscle, explains Amy Peterson, licensed medical aesthetician and owner of Skincare By Amy Peterson Spa. The treatment lasts around 45 minutes and treats everything from the rib cage down (the entire lower half of the body). It can cost anywhere from $250+ a session, and it is recommended to do a minimum of six sessions to see results truly. 


Endosphéres Therapy improves blood circulation and muscle pain, collagen, and elastin production, eliminates fluid and toxin retention, reduces cellulite and wrinkles, and sculpts the body.


"I recommend this treatment for various reasons, both for its aesthetic and wellness benefits," says  Edmund Fisher, M.D., F.A.C.S. "Aesthetically, it’s great for cellulite reduction and only takes a few sessions to begin to see results," he says. From a wellness perspective, Fisher explains, the lymphatic drainage and pain relief benefit are beneficial and an immediate result of the treatment. Peterson further explains, the treatment is painless, enjoyable, and feels like an intense lymphatic drainage massage combined with Theragun (but on steroids!).


Endosphéres Therapy vs. Lymphatic Drainage

While Endosphéres Therapy does have a component of lymphatic drainage, it’s much more than that. "It’s really a whole new patented mechanism of action and truly stands in its own lane," says Peterson. It also combines technology that helps increase collagen and elastin production, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and body sculpting. 


How to Prepare

Similar to other treatments, Peterson explains that there is no real preparation needed before the treatment. The only thing she recommends is to ensure you stay hydrated, which is a pretty easy task to do (and should be done anyway!). 


What to Expect



In my opinion, the treatment is similar to a lymphatic drainage massage but more intense. First, expect some featherlight manipulation to open up the lymphatic system on the designated area—for me, this began with my legs. Overall, you’ll feel relaxed, and the aesthetician will roll the machine over the area to help you achieve all the benefits. Each section was gone over six times—three on a lower intensity setting to begin and three on a higher intensity setting.


For me, some parts were a tad painful (like my stomach or arms), but it’s not aggressive—more so just intense pressure when the machine gets turned up or when they're working on a sensitive area. When we did more sensitive areas, the aesthetician couldn’t turn the machine as high up as possible on the lower areas. The aesthetician also told me that the pain decreases with more treatments—but this is inconclusive as I’ve only received one treatment. For most, it isn’t painful, but if you're sensitive like me, it might be, so make sure you keep that in mind. In addition, the areas that we did also turned red and felt hot to the touch due to the increase in blood circulation, but it went away pretty quickly. 


At-Home vs. In-Office

The treatment must be done in-office, notes Peterson. The machine used can’t be used at home, and as of this point (since the technology is newer), there aren’t any comparable devices on the market. While you can do lymphatic drainage at home, the other benefits of the treatment are impossible to achieve at home without the device. 


Side Effects

As with other massages, there may be soreness in the treatment area. Furthermore, there may also be temporary redness, increased urination, and an increase in regular bowel movements. I personally didn’t experience any side effects aside from temporary redness—which went away within an hour. 



There is no aftercare or downtime necessary post-treatment. "The patients can resume their normal daily activities post-treatment," says Peterson. Just stay hydrated (as with any other massage). 


The Results



In the photos, you can see the immediate results on my body of the treatment. There is a major difference in my swelling—it’s almost nonexistent—and the fluid retention is reduced. My body shows a little bit of redness from the treatment (it was right after), but this went away relatively quickly. 


The Final Takeaway

There’s nothing better than a treatment that is beneficial for our body in a multitude of ways. Endospéres Therapy has so many amazing benefits and was relatively painless. It’s definitely something I see myself going back for. The results are shown immediately and stayed for about a week on me. Experts recommend completing at least six sessions for longer-term results (i.e., elastin and collagen production and cellulite reduction). It’s worthwhile to incorporate into your routine if you’re really looking to gain all the benefits of Endosphéres Therapy. 

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